There are some people who opt not to have their cars insured for the reason that they’re skilled drivers, and that accidents rarely happen. But the thing is, accidents do happen, and they come unexpectedly. There’s a lot of paper work that comes with a car insurance, but it’s necessity. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why people tend to deviate from insurances, because of additional work, but there are a lot of companies like the auto insurance Barrie that allows hassle free transactions for busy people. In all honesty, what’s the rush though? You should really focus on securing your car before sending it out on the open field.


  1. The street is not your private property

You may be a well-experienced driver, or even a professional, but keep in mind that the streets are not yours alone- other vehicles will be utilizing the same lane as you and even if you’re a great driver, if the other drivers are not careful enough, then your car may be damaged. Leaving your car parked also exposes it to vandalism, and you cannot foresee that or prevent it- they just simply happen. Having an auto insurance will stripe your worry of paying the bills for a scratch you weren’t even responsible of.

  1. Like it or not, accidents happen

If it has already been expected, then it’s not an accident. There are some things you can’t control, one of these being nature. Let’s say the force of nature decides to send in strong winds for the day, and your car was parked at the lot- the scenario would be there would be twigs, trash and other items being thrown by the wind and it hits your car, there’s nothing you could do. Even if you are the most careful person, chances are another driver can scratch your car. A scratch on the bumper is expensive to remove, what more if it’s a crack or has been wrecked?

  1. You’ll find that it’s actually cheaper

If you’re trying to save by not getting an insurance, at the end of the year when you sum up your expenses for the car touch ups and repairs, you’ll find that subscribing to an insurance could have saved you more money. It’s a one-time investment that requires a big amount but divide that by the number of days your car is insured that you’ll see that it’s pretty cheap. You’ve already chosen to invest in a car, and

  1. It’s the right thing to do

Well, insurance companies are there for a reason- it’s to be your safety net when you are caught off-guard. There are no exact words that can make you understand fully the consequences of not having an insured vehicle, the main point is that it’s for your safety. You need it, because accidents happen and it can save you a lot of money and hinder stress.


Saving does not really mean having little expenses. Saving means you are choosing options that are better, something that can benefit you even if the return of investment is on longer terms. Saving is choosing to spend your money on things that are beneficial and proven. Have that safety net ready for you and your car- get an auto insurance.