The archeological team completed their on-site investigation last week.  A number of intact gravesites, human remains and artifacts were discovered. In total, a minimum of 4 disturbed grave sites, 12 individuals in their original resting place, and 21 other burial features (empty grave shafts, small portions of coffins, etc… without human remains). The human remains left on site have been insulated and are protected within the trench. This trench area has been backfilled and will be guarded with concrete jersey barriers over the winter months.

The preliminary report will be submitted to the Registrar of Cemeteries, who will then post ads in local papers to find members of the public who are related to the deceased and who would be interested in acting as a representative of the interred. Once representatives are identified by the Registrar, the City and the representatives will come to a disposition agreement that outlines the exhumation and reburial process, location, timing and the allocation of associated costs. The disposition agreement process is prescribed in the Cemeteries Act (Ontario Regulation 133/92). The remains will likely all be reburied in Spring 2014 in a nearby cemetery, as determined by those discussions.